The Two Choices

Left to our own desires we travel the broad road, the road prepared for us by Satan.  This road leads to destruction .  The alternative, the narrow road, is hard to find but it is the way to eternal life.  Veer from the narrow way and you walk on the broad one. We only have two choices.

Who do you turn to find the narrow road?   A popular TV ministry? Your preacher?  A priest?  An elder?  A denomination?  Unfortunately none of these choices lead there.    Instead, open your Bible and, first, turn to the gospels.   Get to know Jesus, our Savior, and focus on His Words.  Jesus told us how to find the narrow road.  The purpose of this website is to point out the signposts given to us by God’s Word.

Don’t be talked out of His Word so easily by the traditions and teachings of man as they’ve been poisoned by Satan.  Instead, perhaps, for the first time in your life open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to what God, Himself, has said in the pages of the Bible.  You will find a very different message here than the ones offered by the mainstream churches of the world, both Protestant and Catholic for they do not teach the truth found in the Bible.

Here is the patience of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.  Here are those who walk(ed) the narrow road.

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